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clamping system for vertical balancing machines

  • Suitable for a large number of machine types
  • Modular construction
  • Easy to adapt to different workpieces
  • Short changeover time
  • Can be extended whenever you want
  • Excellent balancing precision
  • 10 mm-500 mm centring range
  • Value for money
  • Available ex stock


cenTec was developed by balancing experts for professionals who expect the best possible flexibility.

It comprises individual parts that are entirely compatible with each other, can be replaced individually and, therefore, can be adjusted to suit your own applications and different rotors. This way, any time-consuming assembly, mounting and alignment of self-fabricated rotor adapters is no longer required.

The clamping range extends from 10 mm to 500 mm and is almost continuous.
All cenTec products can be ordered directly via our E-Shop so that the parts that you need are available quickly.
Our E-Shop has a product configurator to assist you in arranging the correct adapter with the appropriate individual parts for your workpieces. What's more, we have put together a starter package that forms the basic equipment for the mounting of disc-shaped rotors.
Benefit from modern technology for which a patent has already been filed.


Range of application

cenTec is a cost-effective universal system that enables a large variety of rotors to be clamped onto vertical balancing machines easily and safely.

It is intended for the low-speed balancing of disc, cylinder or pot-shaped rotors,  such as for flywheels and belt pulleys, brake discs and drums, pump wheels and fans, clutches, axle gear parts and flanges, as well as for many other rotors for difference ranges of application.
cenTec can be used directly on our CBAD, HBAD, WBAD, RBBD, VM2/1, VM2/2, Virio, ESC, ESD vertical balancing machine types.

Technical data
Weight, max.  [kg]  45       
Diameter, max. 2)  [mm]  12- 500       
Height, max. 2)  [mm]  5- 250       
Spindle dimension  [mm]         
Clamping system           
Internal centring diameter  [mm]  10 - 32 mm, fixed       
  [mm]  32 - 67 mm, fixed       
  [mm]  67 - 137 mm, fixed       
  [mm]  137 - 450 mm, variable       
External centring diameter  [mm]  12 - 69 mm, fixed       
  [mm]  69 - 140 mm, fixed       
  [mm]  140 - 400 mm, variable       
Max. speed *  [min-1]  1300       
*depending on the rotor weight           
Suitable for machine types  CBAD, HBAD, RBAD, WBAD, RBBD, VM2/1, VM2/2, Virio, ESC and ESD